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Opening Hunt Report - 09/18/2021

Hunt Report Post Blessing Opening Hunt Gates Mills village After a beautiful blessing ceremony at Saint Christopher‘s church, directly across from Chagrin Valley Hunt Club, we got right to work with a truly enjoyable opening hunt! The only difficulties were the heat and the limits of the country. We started our draw at the end of the polo field and it did not take the 4-couple pack long to jump a rabbit. We enjoyed two views and a short but rollicking chase before our quarry hopped out of bounds. Continuing on, we had another rabbit on the hillside to the west. I did not get a view, and the pack temporarily split with two lead bitches on opposite sides of the hill (I don’t know who ran true and who ran heel) but we managed to get them back together again before this rabbit found a good place to take shelter and the hounds checked. I took advantage of the long check to make sure that everybody stayed cool and hydrated by leading them into a creek to drink and swim. We then moved to one of our favorite spots in the village, the Sudbury swamp, where we had three go-arounds with another sporting rabbit before she decided she had had enough and crossed the road. We called it a day here for safety and all retired to the Tally Ho wagon where there was plenty of refreshment for hounds and humans alike. I’m pretty pleased with the pack and I am seeing which beagles might benefit from some remedial training…Guppy was keen but scattered. Smolder’s nose is as good as ever, but her independent streak can be a challenge for packing up. I am, however, very heartened by the fact that we kicked up three deer but managed not to get too excited about them and remained focused on rabbits. We quit at about the one hour mark because it was just too hot in the afternoon sun and everyone was beginning to wilt. We met some new field members and I truly hope that they will rejoin us again when cooler temperatures and more expansive fixtures allow us some longer runs. I’ve got high hopes for a great season!

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