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Hunt Report - Donaldson's Farm - 01/15/2022

Hunt Report 1/15/22 Donaldson’s Farm Bainbridge, OH How was today’s hunt? Not bad for 15-18 degrees!! Yes, Old Man Winter sighed frostily on NE Ohio these last few days but the beagles wanted an adventure and so did we. We were thrilled that we had about 10 field followers who were either impervious to the frigid temps or just as enthusiastic about beagling as we are! The scenery was lovely. Justin’s property showcases the beauty of rural Ohio with sweeping vistas of ponds and cornfields bound by wild wooded areas. Scent was challenging in the cold, dry conditions, but our b!tch pack + 2 gelded fellows has high drive and they gave cry on some of their discoveries. Our first run was in some border growth alongside a long-forgotten road, but with the line leading towards a high-speed road, we diverted the pack at a check and hunted back along the edge of the woods. The open woods was not very fruitful, but the thick understory along its edges gave us some more hound music. Alas, there were no views of our quarry up and running. But keen-eyed whip, E. Dennis, spotted the pack working at what could have been a burrow with a squatting bun. We called it a day at the 45 minute mark… It was really cold out there and one of the beagles caught a briar and needed a break, so we didn’t push on. I was really happy with the work of Smolder, Gypsy, and Pepper, but the whole crew worked well together today. Many thanks to our generous landowner for allowing us to visit his property today. Additional thanks to both staff and field who were motivated and jovial and made the mood of the day decidedly warm…even if the weatherman had a different plan.

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