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Hunt Report - Gates MIll's - 12/26/2021

Hunt Report Boxing Day Gates Mills, OH We had a lovely field for our boxing day meet, many of whom were first-time beaglers, so I am very sorry to say that the sport I showed was some unfortunate riotous behavior. I believe that I made some tactical errors in my pack leadership, and the beagles are quite fond of choosing the line of the village fox over rabbits when scent conditions are not optimal, so it didn’t take long for our operation to go off-plan. We can’t say for certain exactly what the beagles were running. One whipper in spotted a large buck, but the line they ran was pretty foxy in my estimation. Our excellent staff did their best to clamber up and down steep gullies, jog down the roads, and help get every hound collected. Even our field was quick to volunteer to help, but I feel most disappointed that I was unable to display our pack at their best. As far as riots go, this one was not too bad. I am grateful for the terrific team of people who are eager to help, and I am thankful that every hound came back with a gallop, although with some mischief in their hearts.

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