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Hunt Report - Windy Meadow Farm - 12/04/2021

Hunt Report Windy Meadow Farm Yesterday’s meet at Windy Meadow was about as perfect a foot hunting today as anyone could dream of. The ground was still moist from recent precipitation, yet the sun came out to warm our bones. A light wind was blowing just to keep things interesting, but our beagles managed to hit within moments of dropping the tailgate of the hunt truck. The pack was in full cry in the first covert behind the pond but mercifully ran at a pace that still allowed the staff to get through the barbed wire fence in time to enjoy a great view of the quarry crossing the mowed path into the second covert. The interior of the second covert is a wild and variegated place. There are rivulet and wetland areas, fallen trees, a tangle of briars, with openings to a piney woods, and other landscape variations. In short, it’s easy for a rabbit to gain an advantage in this landscape, and she did. Somehow she slipped back into the first covert. The beagles managed to pick up the line and cross back, running very hot. We had to stop to pack close to the pond to avoid allowing them close to the road. Having to try back towards the second covert again was not too disheartening for the beagles as they managed to find a second rabbit, again with more staff views. As the brightening sun began to confuse scent, the pack became a little bit more strung out in their efforts to follow the line, but every single beagle worked like a Trojan. Special credit to Gulliver this week as he was strong and steady the entire day. Our hosts, the Dickinsons had a gorgeous table laid out in the barn with multiple pots of chili, brisk English tea, homemade gingerbread houses, and so much more. We met some new faces in the field and we are hoping that they enjoyed our musical adventure as much as we did. Many thanks to our generous hosts, and our hard-working staff who trundled over uneven footing to keep perfect positioning at all times. I’m calling this one a very good day!

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