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Hunt Report - Windy Meadow Farm - 10/20/19

Hunt Report!! Thank you so much to our generous landowners who made the day possible!Windy Meadow Farm features large, adjoining grass fields separated by a hedgerow and bound to the east and west by thick, linear coverts. The beagles were eager to work when we put them into the western covert. I joined them in the brush and got a view of an eastbound rabbit. Pike quickly found the line and the pack joined him on a short, but musical chase. The scent was lost in the hotter, sunnier part of the covert, so we lifted to try the central hedgerow. Here, we drew blank. The eastern covert brought us more music, but the hounds were a bit strung out...I think they were working more widely in the rising heat. S. Kroschell did an outstanding job keeping the pack off the the deer at the far end of the covert (a million thanks!!) This less-dense covert and rising temps prompted me to encourage them to cast back to the west. Although we did not enjoy a brisk run like we did earlier on, George managed to find and mark an earth in a twiggy thicket and the rest of the pack honored him...lots of wiggly, happy sterns in the brush! The pack worked pretty nicely overall, although I noticed the younger beagles petered out before the seniors. I hope some exuberant runs will increase their attention spans as we go forward into the season. - Karen

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