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Hunt Report - Hunting Valley - 02/08/20

(Preface data...the Garmin pedometer says we covered 4 miles )

The beagles had an above-average day in the riverside thickets of Hunting Valley. We got off to a great start in a dense, swampy thicket with a creek running through it. I got a view of the rabbit and our 6-couple of dog hounds were about 60 seconds behind her. They had a couple good runs around the thicket before she evaded them and we made the decision to try elsewhere going north. Scent was spottier this way, though, and we only got a little music from the keenest noses: Pike, Gulliver, Jenkins, Kipling, and Iroquois. The rest of the pack did a little more raking about than normal, but would hark to the harder-working beagles. Mischievous George got pretty far afield, but was eventually encouraged back to the pack. We are so grateful to the Chagrin Valley Trails and Riding Club for allowing us to reconvene inside their clubhouse for lunch. Thanks to them and to all who came out on this snowy day today...tally ho! - Karen

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