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Hunt Report - Hawken - 01/12/20

I had no idea what to expect in terms of scent after a weekend of unusual weather changes, but the thickets around Hawken are dense and the fixture seldom disappoints...and today was no exception. We proceeded west from the old Huntsman's Cottage and initially drew blank because the wooded area had many fallen and cleared trees and the cover there was less dense, Pushing north, just past the gas well service road, the beagles hit a line. The field had a view (some folks had two views) and the rabbits circled the area for over an hour, often in full cry. Road whips saw many deer spilling out of the area, but thankfully the beagles were steady and quite content to stay with the rabbits, which was wonderful! Special commendation to lead hounds today: Gulliver, Sizzle, and Jenkins. Special mention to Iroquois and Dallas who also worked very hard. The entire 5-couple pack really cooperated with one another all morning. Whippers-in were called upon to use their hearing and instincts, since it's all but impossible for humans to penetrate many areas around this fixture. Host Eleanor Anderson made the most wonderful hot chicken salad and had it waiting in the cozy, historic cottage for the cold, tired beaglers (my pedometer claimed we convered over 5 miles!) Thank you all for a wonderful day! - Karen

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