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Hunt Report - Meadow Run Farm - 02/02/20

Our Groundhog’s Day Hunt did not produce a single woodchuck, but we certainly had a couple good rabbits! The beagles found shortly after we started, but that first rabbit ran westward into a preserve that is off-limits for us, so we turned east to look for another one. I was worried that this might be the only action of the day, but luck was on our side. It took a little work, but the entire pack of 7 couple did not let up, and it wasn’t too long before they found a sporting rabbit who took them screaming on at least 3 big laps around the fixture. The field got 4 views of the hunted rabbit and the sharp-eyed whips did, too. We lost the rabbit under a wire fence but we were glad for the long run we enjoyed to that point. We continued to hunt lightly on the way back to the house and enjoyed a little more beagle music on short lines they found on our return. Our generous hosts, the Totten family, treated us to a lunch of Mark’s famous tomato bisque and Stacy produced a beautiful cake for Dash, the dynamic JRT who was celebrating her 4th birthday. We are so grateful to them for an all-around outstanding day we won’t soon forget… Thank you! - Karen

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