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Hunt Report - Windy Meadow Farm - 09/25/2021

Hunt Report 9/25/21 Windy Meadow Farm It was a major scenting day for The Chagrin Valley Beagles today at Windy Meadow Farm (and you’ll catch my drift in a minute!) We hunted a small pack of three couple of our slower beagles as I like to thoroughly and carefully work the two best, smaller coverts at this farm. It didn’t take them long before they found a rabbit in covert one. She crossed over into covert two where we had a couple of nice go-arounds before she crossed back into covert one. The back-and-forths between coverts continued a few times, complete with a wonderful view. At the one hour and 10 minute mark, the music in covert one seemed a little different… it seems our rabbit found a place to squat and it must’ve been near her friend, Pepe La Pew. Half the pack had gotten skunked and the other half of the pack decided to abandon this odiferous rabbit and go into the other covert to look for another, more subtly-perfumed bunny. There was a lot of frantic collecting and moving of hounds. Our wonderfully tolerant landowners (thank you so very much for everything, J. & J. Dickinson!)happen to have a nice outdoor kennel where we were able to temporarily house the pack downwind of us until we could give the beagles a bath. Talk about strong scent! All in all, we had a little hunting, a lot of laughs, a great lunch, and it wasn’t really so bad after all. Tally NOoooooo!!!!!!

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