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Hunt Report - Thanksgiving Day Gray Barns- 11/26/20

After 2 weeks’ worth of cancellations due to inclement weather, the Chagrin Valley Beagles and their staff were glad that the overnight showers stopped in time for our 10 o’clock holiday meet. We had a great walk with lots of feathering along the riverside trail with 3-couple of hounds and a field filled with happy families and many great friends and neighbors. Where that path slopes down towards a creek crossing and the ground cover begins to get thick with weeds and reeds and tangled vines, our intrepid beagles found...and around and around they went in that thick patch for an hour and 15 minutes. Some of the field enjoyed a view and we all enjoyed the music. I like hunting these smaller packs, as they seem to not push the quarry as hard and our runs are longer and more musical. Pike and Jenkins were strike hounds today. Iroquois and Gulliver were non-stop workhorses. Dallas was a solid little sleuth, too. Bertram enjoyed more frolicking than work, but the little guy might have sensed that it’s a national day of gratitude, and he was just grateful to be out enjoying his surroundings. We bipedal counterparts certainly were. Thank you to all who shared a little bit of your Thanksgiving holiday with us in the great outdoors.

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