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Hunt Report - Shelter Hill Farm - 10/09/2021

Hunt Report Shelter Hill Farm Hunting Valley Everyone had a magnificent time at Shelter Hill Farm today! This new-to-us fixture is an historic landmark with deep roots in the old agricultural and hunting tradition of this area (I hope some of our field spied the ancient beagle kennel at the NW corner of the hay field!). We are so grateful to our landowners and their neighbors for allowing us to visit. We started our draw along the thick creek bed that runs down the south side of the hayfield towards the Chagrin River. As our pack has worked so hard to learn what is expected of them, I was really pleased that the beagles paid no mind to the trio of deer who bounded ahead of them out of the covert. The pack put in some good work in this area and we had some short bursts of music, but no lengthy runs. We decided to then try in the thick creek bottom behind the barn and hit instantly. We had a merry chase up the creek bed. The field was able to follow on a Bridle Trail overlooking this area. The pack unfortunately lost as we approached an open wooded area… Miss Bun had given them the slip and I know that the deep woods can be pretty foxy this time of year, so we lifted the pack and traversed to the east to the site of the old greenhouse and secret garden. The old greenhouse is surrounded with some wonderful foliage for rabbits and we had some good sleuth work and a little bit of music here, but it was getting sunny and scent was inconsistent until we cast along the adjacent shady area behind the cottage and barn where we concluded the hunt. The Chagrin Valley Beagles staff was shrewd and fleet of foot and did a terrific job (as per usual!)… afterwards, they kindly helped to put leads on the beagles, so that the field could have a chance to meet and greet the pack. Our hosts delighted us with chicken salad sandwiches and PBJ for the many juniors, who were just as joyful and fun as the beagles!! My sincere thanks to our hosts, our neighboring landowners, field, staff, and all who joined us. We are so lucky to have this chance to celebrate together, through hound work, our beautiful local green spaces!

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