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Hunt Report - Peninsula - 11/03/19

St. Hubert, the patron saint of the hunt, smiled on us today (his feast day) Here is today's hunt report:"What a difference a week makes! Favorable conditions (cool and lovely) brought the cottontails out to play. The field enjoyed 3 views over the course of the morning. The beagles were plagued with too many choices at times, so I chose to try to support the most honest and reliable hounds. Pike and Smolder worked non-stop, but Kipling, George, Gulliver, and Sizzle were also terrific. I heard the voice of every beagle at some point throughout the day, which made me quite proud of the little Chagrin Valley team. Whips L. Mock, J. Roslan, J. Dickson, and junior E. DeYoung had the magic touch of being in the right place at the right time. Super jolly end to our St. Hubert's Day hunt as George and Smolder discovered an earth below a corn crib. Lucky bun-bun hopped out the back door while the beagles were busy knocking at the front! Our fabulous host treated us to a wonderful feast of stew, a variety of salads, cheesecake and pie. It would be a challenge to imagine a finer day. Thank you to all who made it possible! - Karen

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