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Hunt Report - Peninsula - 09/27/20

HUNT REPORT: 9/27 Meet at Peninsula The Chagrin Valley Beagles had a very active day in Peninsula. Although the landowner warned us that her pet Flemish rabbit had escaped his safe lodgings, our field of 8 confirmed that the pet bunny hopped towards home when the full pack of 7-couple started speaking on a wild cottontail and headed away from the domestic. Our wild cottontail broke out of the riparian covert to the east before diving back in and circling northwest. The screaming run continued around until sadly, the rabbit ran out of our country and we were forced to try for another bit of quarry. The beagles did find another rabbit to chase, but the rising temperatures had my less-experienced hounds flagging and losing steam. At a loss, again in the northwest corner of the fixture, I collected the beagles and intended to bring them back to water and shelter. They were all fairly compliant with my plan until Smolder and George declined to be funneled through the orchard gate. Keen-nosed Smolder found again, and in a twinkling of an eye, 3/4 of my collected pack weaseled under the fence and back into the thick of the floodplain. All my blowing and calling was not enough, so the great team of whippers-in, E. and L. DeYoung, S. Totten, E. Dennis, R. Mock, and J. Dickson had to fire up the afterburners. A couple of cheerful and motivated field members also helped us. As frustrating and counter-productive as it feels to stop the hound music, the hardworking beagles really NEEDED the cool water waiting for them on a hot day. Some genuine praise and crunchy biscuits seemed to convince them that their huntsman might be able to be forgiven. I was really pleased that the pack worked all together throughout the hunt and I heard the voices of some of the less-experienced hounds beginning to cry with confidence. So while it was a short, warm hunt, it was incredibly fun and informative for all of us. As always, sincere thanks to our generous landowner, good master, hardworking staff, and affable field.

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