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Hunt Report - O'Neill's & Mueller's - 2/6/21

The 12-degree temps and brisk wind blowing over the fields of Glengaragh did not keep away a field of 30 at today’s beagling meet. We were pleased to provide them something of an “adventure walk” since scent conditions were not ideal and any good cottontail worth his salt would likely be hunkered down tight to endure this extreme chill. Today’s 3-couple pack did some sniffing and sleuthing in the border growth alongside the great ravines while the field enjoyed the bright bluebird skies and many sights to see throughout the glorious landscape. Alas, we turned up no quarry and the hounds did not speak, but they put in some good work and tried so hard to please us. They were thanked for the efforts with gobs of attention(and biscuits!) around the refreshments table afterwards. Sometimes blank days are just as much fun as screaming runs. We had ample time to make many new friends and thank our wonderful landowners. Without them, none of these amazing experiences would be possible. I offer my continued thanks to the O’Neill and Mueller families for their generosity. As always, thanks also to our whips who volunteer their time and stamina in all kinds of weather and over all types of terrain. And... one more special thank you to H. Sanford who found the best donuts in town to give us some delicious calories to burn as we trudged through the snow. I hope everyone out there can find some time to get out with our beloved Chagrin Valley’s a great way to make the most of the winter!

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