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Hunt Report - O'Neil's & Mueller's - 10/02/2021

Hunt Report O’Neill’s/Mueller’s Hunting Valley It was a beautiful day at a much-loved, but challenging fixture. The beautiful windswept fields sit high atop a complicated network of steep ravines. We allow the beagles to work the edges of the ravines but keep an eye out for danger towards the bottom edges, which tend to be coyote highways or a descent down to a busy neighboring road. With 3-couple of beagles out and a great team of whippers-in, we managed to get some short bursts of music out of the pack, despite the bluebird sky conditions and challenging footing. Our last short run, I feared, was a little too close for comfort to a road, so I felt compelled to call them off. After this, the field retired to a wonderful alfresco tea consisting of vichyssoise and chicken salad sandwiches. Worryingly, we had one hound left out despite a multi-pronged, hours-long search. Thankfully the last Beagle out was found happy and still hunting the next morning! Her huntsman is going to refresh her recall training immediately! Many thanks to our incredible master, Laura Mock, who has a special touch with her pack! Thank you to everyone—landowners, master, staff, field, and neighbors. We really appreciate everyone in our wonderful Beagling community.

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