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Hunt Report - Meadow Run Farm - 12/08/19

Mother Nature blessed us with sunshine and clear skies, which made our blanker-than-blank hunt a lovely day in spite of it all. We hunted 4 couple, including 2 hounds new to us. The pack was fantastic together. They worked non-stop and as a group, but the wind, switching from the south and the east, probably didn't help them. Pike spoke once, but could not figure out the line. I casted back a few times, wondering if the warming temps and shifting winds might help, but I was not successful in pointing them towards any new scent. Whippers-in J. Roslan, C. Roslan (junior), S. Totten, S, Kroschell, J. Dickson, and E. Dennis were great, as usual. I asked our junior where all the rabbits were and he said, "Maybe they went somewhere...." I said, "Like they migrated South?" He said yes, he thought so. His theory is better than any of mine, so I'll go with it! Our landowners and hosts, the Totten Family, treated us to a lovely beef stew lunch, supplemented with some fresh salads by our Master, L. Mock and plant-based cooking expert, B. Youel. Thank you, everyone! Let's see what we can find next week! - Karen

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