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Hunt Report - Meadow Run - 10/10/20

HUNT REPORT: 10/10/20 at Meadow Run Farm Conditions: very warm, overcast, dry, light wind out of the south It was a beautiful autumn day at Meadow run, despite challenging scenting conditions. It was hot, breezy, and with lots of dry fallen leaves on the ground, the beagles were not able to consistently own the line for long runs, although we did have a few fun, musical, short runs. We put them in behind the kennels and got started with a short run that ended abruptly when the rabbit ran out of bounds into the nearby nature preserve where we cannot go. Then we zigzagged through the patches of covert behind the farm until arriving in a low-lying area, where a short run resulted in the quarry hiding in earth underneath an old, fallen log. The pack had a wonderful time marking the earth, so we celebrated for a few minutes before proceeding on back towards the pasture where we had another very good run in which both field and staff caught a view. She gave us the slip somewhere in the woods, and with every hound looking hot and well-baked in the warm temperatures, we decided to retire to the pond to let the beagles have a nice, long drink. Star performers today were Smolder and Jenkins who were our sharpest noses today, starting most of the chases. Great job (as usual!) by our wonderful whippers-in, with special mention to junior E. DeYoung who managed to turn one of our most stubborn mischief-makers more than once today. A very sincere thank you to our landowners, Mark and Stacy Totten, who entertained and refreshed us before and after the meet on their beautiful deck overlooking the serene pond. It was pure heaven out there today... tally ho and away!!

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