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Hunt Report - Hawken - 02/23/20

Today's Hunt Report: 2/23/20 Hawken Meet,We started our draw to the North near Sherman Rd., hoping to open up some new-to-us coverts, but the beagles dipped South and found in our usual place--a large, dense thicket bound by County Line Rd to the West, tennis courts to the South, and a driveway to the athletic areas to the East. I was bound and determined to be in there with the hounds, but I lost the battle with the briars and had to move onto the cross country trail and driveway after the first hour. The beagles (5 couple of dog hounds today) ran at least 2 rabbits. The first one hopped dangerously close to County Line, but Jessica R. kept the pack safe and got them back into covert with her right-on-time whipping-in. A second rabbit took them on a second tour of the area, and she must have been a nice rabbit, indeed, because the boys did not want to leave the party. Kudos to the brave Stacy T. for diving into the briar patch to collect the last beagle. It's not easy to find a path fit for a biped in there! The field had a nice view, as did staff. goodness! ...As if all that fun wasn't enough, Kim B. delighted all of us with beef tenderloin and Bloody Marys. It was a feast fit for royalty! Eleanor A. facilitated everything to make the day possible and she is always quick to share great information about this very special, historic campus. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to enjoy this beautiful day with the Chagrin Valley Beagles!


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