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Thanksgiving Day Hunt Report - Gray Barns - 11/25/2021

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Hunt Report Thanksgiving at the Gray Barns Hunting Valley, OH We had a hale and hearty field brave the raindrops to join the beagles on the banks of the Chagrin River early Thanksgiving morning for a short hunt. Those brave souls were rewarded with some delicious coffee cake, tasty beverages, good company, and no shortage of hound music. Heading north from the barns, is a wild tangled, bushy area with a creek running through it. Here, our “b!tch plus pack” (The lady beagles , plus a couple of select dog hounds) found a rabbit and gave us a nice 45 minute chase. There were a couple of staff views and plenty of all-on full-cry to let us know our pack was doing some very good work. With the light drizzle turning into a fully soaking November rain, we decided to stop the hunt at a natural check and let everybody get home to their holiday celebrations. Excellent work today from Jenkins and Pepper who solved most checks quickly and accurately and got our group singing again. MB Laura Mock provided a lovely table full of light fare, and friends old and new provided lots of smiles and great conversation. Thank you to everyone who came out… Happy Thanksgiving - We love beagling with all of you!!

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