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Hunt Report - Goose Haven - 2/10/19

Thank you to our hosts, the Fords, L. Joseph, and R. Pollack for organizing an exciting morning and wonderful lunch. Thank you also to all the whippers-in who worked very hard to make sure we were all on at the end of the day.

"Today's 10am hunt at Goosehaven started in brisk, 14 F temperatures with no wind. We had a field of approximately 15, plus whippers-in L. Moeller, R. Mock, J. Roslan, and S. Kroschell....

4 couple of beagles started around ball field and we pushed through

woods to fire trail but did not find. In the woods on the way to the teepee field, beagles George and Steinway marked an earth/warren, but we could not 'jump' the rabbit. Beyond the teepee field, Pike struck a line in a pine forest. Although the whips saw some deer, I believe the beagles may have been correct as they went around the pines for a while. Walking back towards the house, we enjoyed a brief, circular run as temperatures climbed into the 20s and scenting improved. Within view of the ball field again, Kipling began speaking and George, Steinway, and Sizzle all honored him and they began a swift run north. However, my reliable pal, Pike, stayed near me which should have warned me the others were not on the right quarry. The pack split and the 4 aforementioned beagles ran the line of a fox (most likely) around the pond and towards Shaw Rd. The whips worked very hard, combing the woods and road with Mr. Ford until we gathered all the beagles up again.

Our hosts had a fabulous buffet of soups, roast beef sandwiches, macaroni salad, and cookies.

Thank you, everyone, for a very exciting day!


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