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Hunt Report - Gates Mills Closing Meet - 03/21/19

Hunt Report for the Chagrin Valley Beagles Closing Meet in Gates Mills...despite some sloppy, slippery snow, our undaunted beaglers had a fabulous time!"We were not blessed with pleasant weather for our closing meet, but at least we were blessed with wonderful company. Many people came out to support the 5 1/2 couple of beagles as they tried to find in the bushy, wooded areas of the village. We also had a great time enjoying the many juniors frolicking with the pack. Gimlet might have won the "Most Popular" award today. Smolder would have been graced with "Hardest Working Beagle" of the day. We did enjoy a little music as the beagles had a short run at the end of the hunt. Their chase ended at the top of a hill and it was about time to turn back for home. The hot soup and sandwiches provided by the Hunt Club were a welcome way to warm up after trudging through the snow. My sincere thanks to the master, the landowners, staff, supporters, field, and friends. Thank you for making these very special outdoor adventures possible. - Karen

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