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Hunt Report - Gates Mills - 12/29/19

The last meet of the year was unseasonably warm and misty. We hunted a small pack of 3 1/2 couple. We drew blank at the end of the village polo field, at the rough edges of residential gardens, and along the wooded hillside. The Sudbury Swamp, however, gave us a little music. The rabbit, although not viewed, must have run the perimeter of the swamp because the beagles spoke all along the edges of the covert throughout our visit to this part of the fixture. Some of our most reliable beagle noses were enjoying a day of rest, so some other hounds had a chance to take the lead. Did you know little Sizzle has a deep and mournful bay while hunting? He really showed some great stuff out there today. Gulliver worked non-stop and gave us some lovely cry. Jenkins, in his inaugural CVB hunt, worked hard and seemed to have a wonderful time. Our hale and hardy field and unflappable whips who braved the raindrops enjoyed a BBQ lunch afterward at the local Oak and Embers outpost. Looking forward to more hunting fun in 2020! - Karen

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