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Hunt Report - Gates Mills - 11/24/19

Another Red Letter Day for the books right in the village of Gates Mills. We hunted 3 1/2 couple here in our small, suburban fixture. Our draw started in the border brush at the far end of the old polo field. Almost immediately, I had a view. Pike struck the line and the others joined the chase. We lost the line in only a few minutes, but the whips had another view, so I just let the beagles work the covert carefully, because a rabbit was definitely nearby. The beagles went around and around the covert for a good hour, possibly on 2 rabbits, until they literally could do no more. I was proud of their thoroughness, but we pressed on to the wooded hillside where we had a little more music, but no views. The line was confusing and treacherous, so we ended in the Sudbury swamp wood. Again, yet another great (but short) round-and-round chase before we called the day after 2 hours of non-stop fun. Pike and Gulliver were outstanding today, with special consideration given to Kipling and Sizzle. Youngsters Guppy, Gordon, and Fritz seem to be catching on. I'm very proud of the whole crew. I'm also grateful, of course, to whips J. DIckson and S. Kroschell, as well as to our enthusiastic Master, L. Mock. The Hunt Club refreshed both field and staff with a hearty lunch of chili and submarine sandwiches. We got to meet many first time beaglers today...WELCOME! We hope you enjoyed this beautiful day outdoors with animals as much as we did! - Karen

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