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Hunt Report - Fox Hollow - 10/27/19

Hunt Report for Sunday, 10/27:Slow day for rabbits at Fox Hollow, which provides great habitat for cottontails. I put the beagles in at the thick covert along the creek bed. Pike spoke once or twice, but was not honored and not much action resulted. I tried to limit my lifting of the beagles and allow them to use their instincts to cast themselves. When my hardest workers appeared at my ankles, I began to suspect that the wind (it was damp but windy today) was blowing off their scenting abilities. At any rate, we had a lovely hike with a field of 9 not including Master and staff. George investigated a groundhog earth and raked about to amuse himself and all the rest of us in the absence of proper sport. Master Laura Mock made a lunch of roast beef sandwiches for the field to enjoy afterwards. Many thanks to R.Mock and J. Dickson for whipping in. And thanks also to our generous landowner for making the day possible. - Karen

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