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Hunt Report - Colleran's/Mueller's - 12/22/19

Our Landowner suggested we start the draw south of the creek, so we caravanned field and beagles to the Mueller's driveway and headed west. It didn't take the 4 couple of hounds long to start speaking and then running along the creek in full cry. It was an unusually straight-running rabbit, but I checked the tracks and it was, indeed, a cottontail. We had a good run but lost it near a bridge crossing the creek. The beagles had another short musical burst in the floodplain, but lost somewhere in the thick stuff We decided to leave the country the same way we came in rather than following into the woods behind the house because I was worried about carrying on too close to a roadway in case of riot. Every beagle worked hard "ankle bracelets" on this beautiful hunt! Whippers-in S.Totten, J. Roslan, C. Roslan (junior), S. Kroschell, E. Dennis, and J. Dickson kept the beagles safe from cliffs, deep water, and mayhem. Special commendation to S. Totten who mountaineered to the ridge lines of some steep hillsides...her fitness app said she climbed 26 stories!! We enjoyed a relaxing lunch with contributions from field, staff and hosts in the converted barn. Thank you, everyone! - Karen

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