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Hunt Report - Colleran's Meet - 3/3/19

Colleran's (and a bit of Mueller's as well!)

Today's 10am Hunt began in mid-20 degree temperatures. 5 1/2 couple beagles were out, with S. Totten, J. Roslan, C. Roslan (junior), S. Kroschell, and R. Mock whipping in. We began drawing alongside, and behind, the stone house. The beagles were a bit wild...George and Smolder seemed set on adventure, Kipling had a big roll in the grass, and the younger beagles were taking in the exciting surroundings on this historic property. We had a wonderful time snooping under pine trees, inside the formal garden, around the wood pile, and up and down the creek. Junior whip, Conner, did a great job helping to keep the beagles off the steep, wooded hillsides...and the juniors in our field of about 15 loved watching the beagles try hard. The staff did a great job of being vigilant for riot as well as keeping the pack safe on busy Chagrin River Rd. Thanks to both staff and field for helping the young beagles with the creek crossing. Lunch was an especially fun one in the renovated barn. Master Laura Mock's libations along with our hosts delicious and special wine picks went well with Susan Wheeler's quiches and croissant sandwiches. Eleanor Anderson had a gorgeous tray of sweet treats, and I brought along a crock pot of chicken soup we could warm up with. Not bad for a blank day! Approx. 3 miles covered.

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