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Hunt Report - Boxing Day Kennels - 12/26/20

With 2 1/2 feet of recently-fallen snow and temperatures not even out of the frigid teens, we decided a walk-out would be more successful than a hunt on a brisk Boxing Day morn, so we donned some layers under our green coats and roused the most chill-resistant beagles from their lodge, and took a nice, icy walk through the village. Gates Mills was still decked out with holiday lights, and wreaths, and bedazzled evergreens, adding to the festive atmosphere. The beagles were good listeners and mostly refrained from mobbing passers-by and investigating the neighbors’ garden shrubbery. We rewarded 3 of the best-behaved beagles with a visit to the interior of the Hunt Club after the walk-out to visit with the crowd while preparations were wrapped up on our delicious boxed lunches. Thank you to everyone who participated and special thanks to those who worked hard to make it happen...our Boxing Day walk was a wonderful way to keep the celebrations going with friends and family!

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