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Hunt Report - Andrews Osbourne Avademy - 10/23/2021

Hunt Report Andrews Osborne Academy Willoughby Soggy as it was, we could not bear to suffer two rain-outs in a row, so we all dusted off the wellies and headed to the meet at AOA today. With three couple of our finest hounds and a handful of diehards in the field, we made our descent into the river valley and started to the Northwest in the thick coverts along the river, but two whips previously sent ahead were concerned that the beagles were working a line curiously close to the path of some flushed deer, so we collected everyone to make sure they were doing honest work before proceeding to the remnants of the old tree farm. In the rows of arborvitaes, whipper-in J. Roslan reported a view and the beagles were off and running. Despite the favorably damp scent conditions, the pack was working unusually slowly today, but nevertheless worked tirelessly and we went around and around the rows of trees for the entire hunt. I also caught a view of the hunted rabbit darting through the stands of trees, But in the end, she was able to give the pack the slip somewhere in the long grasses and bulrushes. A+ nose work from Pike, Jenkins, and Gulliver today. Halo and Sizzle earned B ratings, working hard, but just a little wider. Dear Dallas seemed a little uninspired today, but we all have off days. I have to express thanks to all the staff members who did a fantastic job of positioning themselves in this challenging fixture. Thanks also to the hale and hearty field members who agreed that soggy socks are a small price to pay for time with the beagles. Today, we did lunch out on the town, enjoying a meal at The Local Tavern Willoughby Hills, owned by Tim and Kelly Roush (fellow beagler, foxhunter, and equestrian sports enthusiast!) The hearty pub fare warmed our bones and gave us time to dry off in a charming atmosphere. Today was great, healthy fun and we are looking forward to more terrific hunts like this one. Please join us at your pleasure!

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