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Hunt Report - Windy Meadow - 11/28/20

Meadow Run is famous with the beaglers of the Chagrin Valley for near-perfect rabbit habitat (or “rabbitat”, as we like to call it). The farm lived up to its great reputation as our 3 1/2 couple pack screamed almost nonstop from start to finish today. Iroquois struck the line first, and with deer tracks all over the path he ran on, we worried briefly about riot until someone got a view to confirm the good hound’s honest work. Jenkins and Smolder were also particularly strong today, with great mid pack work from Gulliver and Sizzle. Unfortunately, George was not in the mood to be careful with his nose work on a consistent basis, so he was on all the whippers-in radar today. (Oh, George!). Gimlet ran in the chase, but seemed to be low on confidence. She’s little, though… And we are patient. Multiple views made this a fun day for our field of 14, who had a little trouble keeping up on the many groomed paths throughout the farm. Staff earned gold stars all around for using their wits… That rabbit, possibly two of them, zigged and zagged throughout an elliptical course. We lost her somewhere beyond the gas well road, so we picked everyone up before getting too far out of bounds. Landowner Stacy Totten‘s Terrier helped the beagles today. In fact, she was first on the line on the final gas well run. Nice work, Dash!! Many thanks to the Totten family for their incredible hospitality.  Thank you, also, to the staff and field. It was a glorious morning to be out with all of you!

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