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Hunt Report - Windy Meadow - 10/25/20

Updated: Apr 18

Our day out started off promising and rabbit-y with some lovely music and even a view! But an ambitious huntsman and a full pack of ultra-keen hounds who were eager to stretch their legs after a rainy week, set our beaglers upon a challenging adventure that covered a bit too much ground. I submit to everyone a boundless debt of gratitude, especially to our landowners, their neighbors, our master, an incredible and tireless staff, as well to as our dedicated Beagler-friends and family who worked for a very long time to make sure the day ended on the positive note...and you will be glad to know that it did. I am so humbled to know that I am not the only one whose heart practically bursts with joy when those beagles are all safely home again after a day in the wild outdoors. Thank you again to all who worked so hard and with such special care today.

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