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Hunt Report - Peninsula - 09/08/19

Updated: Feb 11

If you are following this page, you might notice we had a little staff/pack practice session today. Beagle enthusiasts, your Chagrin Valley Beagle team is polishing up our act! Here is today's report:

"The entire pack (5 couple) was out today. We started a bit late for this warm time of year, so the full sun made the orchard area too dry for scent. Motivated hunters Smolder, Kipling, and George sneaked under the fence into thicker covert. I called them back to hunt the garden...here, the entire pack feathered and spoke on a short line but lost it quickly. In the thick, wild, riparian area the pack hit almost immediately and had a good, but brief run. I took the pack further in towards the woods and they hit again, but this time the pack was split. Pike and Sizzle were on one portion of the line; Smolder, George, Kipling, and Gulliver on another. The younger beagles got hot in the sun and reported back to me and seemed to be asking for a water break. We collected the pack after and hour and 20 minutes in the field and called it a very good day for less-than-ideal scenting conditions. - Karen

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