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Hunt Report - Peninsula - 02/15/20

Today the beagles met in Peninsula at one of our most rabbit-y fixtures. While there was no shortage of rabbits (6 views!!), the hounds would start nicely but could not own the line for a sustained run. I tried leaving them alone and then tried lifting them, both with the same spotty results. I suspect that the bitterly cold temperatures (it was 6 degrees Fahrenheit earlier this morning) and light but steady northwest wind posed some challenges for scent. We did get to enjoy a little music and see some hound work. The 5 1/2 couple we brought worked hard and steady... they were a good team who really tried to figure out where their quarry went. Hot beef barley stew and BLT sandwiches were waiting for us inside afterwards. Sincere thanks to our landowner host, Master, staff and friends for sharing an enjoyable (if chilly) morning outdoors.


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