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Hunt Report - Gengaragh - 10/17/20

Updated: Apr 18

The field and beagles had a great time trundling over the O’Neill and Mueller properties today, even if it didn’t happen to be the most rabbit-packed day. Our pack of 4 1/2 couple of the steadiest hounds started their draw southbound along the driveway and began speaking almost right away. We collected them after they made a hard right to the west, because I was unsure where our out of bounds limits were in that direction. We put in again, east of the driveway and enjoyed a little bit more music. Our landowner, however, kindly made us aware that the area the beagles were pushing towards was right in line with an active coyote den. We decided to be cautious and we collected them again and carried on to the north east. I have never had the pleasure of hunting abroad in the Lakeland Fells, but I imagine it must be something like the perimeter of this fixture… Breathtaking slopes and impressive crevices surround beautiful, wind swept fields filled with sculpture and fall color. The beagles had the opportunity to range around a bit in the perimeter coverts, but we tried very hard to not encourage them into the deepest parts of the ravines, as past experience has put us onto some riot in those areas. We never did find a confirmed rabbit line, but the beagles worked very hard and our favorite mischief makers certainly entertained the crowd! I am so grateful to our landowners for allowing us a terrific adventure In such a scenic spot… And I am also grateful to all of the whippers-in, who worked very hard to keep the beagles out of trouble spots and help collect them when it was time to move on. A beautiful autumn day in the great outdoors with happy little hounds, all on at the end of our adventure…?? Yes, please!

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