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Hunt Report - Fox Hollow Farm - 11/7/20

Updated: Apr 18

4 ½ couple of beagles showed a tremendously enthusiastic field a fun-filled day at Fox Hollow Farm. Our initial draw along the fence-line creek bed that runs east-to-west was not terribly eventful. I suspect that the few voices I heard were speaking on a cat who was spotted darting out of covert. Thankfully, these mischievous voices were not honored by the steadier beagles. We enjoyed a ramble through the brambles down towards the river and then we went up towards the pond behind the house. Just south of the pond, the beagles found and initially ran heel, but corrected their direction with a little encouragement. Alas, our rabbit ran out of bounds onto a neighboring property where we did not have permission to continue. So, we went up and down the fence rows again. It was mostly quiet, although every hound was trying hard. Suddenly, a view had us back in the action! The rabbit ran the fence-line creek bed due west and crossed a busy road. Our sharp whippers-in were stationed just right to keep our pack out of traffic and turned them back to me. I congratulated the pack and the staff on their outstanding efforts…I was so pleased with every hound and human who came out today! Our staff made for some sharp-eyed, keen-eared, and fleet-footed beaglers today…and all of us at the Chagrin Valley Beagles are so grateful to the Hellman family who gifted us with a place to hunt today and also for introducing us to the O’Neil family who will be taking over this special corner of the valley. Our outing in the unseasonably warm sunshine today felt like a big success and we thank all of our field and friends for an incredible morning!

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