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Spotlight on the Staff - Stacy

Stacy, is a long-time member of the Chagrin Valley Hunt and whipper-in to the Chagrin Valley Beagles for the past 4 seasons. Stacy has been training pet dogs professionally for 20 years. She owns Meadow Run Kennels in Richfield, Ohio where she specializes in obedience and scent work training. Stacy is active competitor, trainer and judge for scent work trials and can always be found with her closest canine companions Stella and Dash. Her duty as a whipper-in is to aid the huntsman in accounting for the Beagles and reporting back to the huntsman in the event that a rabbit has been viewed. Be sure to have a pre or post-hunt chat with Stacy to get the latest scoop on how the hounds are working from a whips perspective. Stay tuned for some exciting notes from her Fireside Chat on Scent!

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